New Inteliair™ Shaker Filter units installed

Western Air Ducts is pleased to announce a new range of products under the Inteliair™ brand name, within this new line up is the Inteliair™ shaker filter unit the I20.

Western Air Ducts has just completed the first installation of a new Inteliair™ I20 shaker unit at GW Topham in Cambridgeshire. GW Topham is a family run Agricultural business, they wereI20 Shaker Filter Units experiencing dust issues from the feed to their biomass boiler. Although as part of the original boiler installation they had an extraction system with cyclone dust separation they were finding that their dust emissions to atmosphere were too high. Western Air Ducts designed and installed a system incorporating the new I20 dust filtration unit that is rated for an extract volume of up to 3000 m³/hr. to extract and filter the air from the top of their existing cyclone, this air was then filtered to a sufficient standard for it to be returned back into the workplace.

The cost effectiveness and ease of installation make the Inteliair™ I20 a perfect solution to many smaller dust extraction requirements, for further information about the Inteliair™ product range, as well as the other equipment within the Inteliair™ range please contact us.

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Dust Extraction
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