The Inteliair™ Intelligent Air Control System

Inteliair® Air Control System offers cutting edge technology to the dust and fume extraction industry. It can reduce energy consumption by over 40%, reduce heat loss and noise output and can be offered with new extraction systems or retro fitted to an existing system.

Cutting Costs & Enhancing Safety

Intelligent Control

Intelligently designed to:

  • Cut energy costs associated with the operation of supply and extraction fans, motors and dust filtration units by in excess of 40%.
  • Increase the efficiency of existing equipment and optimise the efficiency of new equipment.
  • Intelligently and automatically control ventilation, dust extraction, fume extraction and all other forms of air movement systems.
  • Reduce the Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact of dust and fume extraction systems.
  • Incorporate specific features to suit dust extraction systems such as the capability to configure a minimum number of open positions and schedule system cleaning.
  • Designed by dust and fume extraction specialists with over 40-years experience
  • Accredited by the Carbon Trust

Inteliair® optimises the efficiency of dust extraction, fume extraction and ventilation systems by continually monitoring demand and regulating the extraction or supply of air in accordance with that demand.

Western Air Ducts works locally, nationally and internationally providing complete dust extraction and fume extraction solutions for our clients. With over 45 years' experience, we are able to offer everything from consultation, to design, to manufacturing and installation.

Dust Extraction
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