Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System in Bristol

Western Air Ducts were contacted by the new Advanced Construction Skills Centre at Bristol College to design a vehicle exhaust extraction system to serve their new vehicle workshop. The system also needed to incorporate their existing exhaust extraction reels, be energy efficient and be compliant with HSE Regulations.

Our design solution was for a centralised extraction system with a main roof mounted extraction fan that incorporated our Inteliair® automatic control system. The system would have 24v DC electrically controlled dampers serving each extract position controlled by the operation of an adjacent switch. They would operate in accordance with vehicle exhaust connection and indicate the demand to the main control unit. This would then regulate the main extract fan performance in accordance with that demand and would also minimise energy consumption and system related noise.

Our designs solution was approved by Bristol College and the system was installed between February and May 2021 with final commissioning taking place in May 2021.  Our ability to work quickly and efficiently ensured that this important new facility for Bristol College provides the best possible workplace vehicle exhaust exposure protection for its staff and trainees.

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