Carbon Fibre Dust Extraction in Oxfordshire

Western Air Ducts were recently contacted by a relocating Oxfordshire based company who specialise in the manufacture of components for high performance cars. The company was seeking a solution for the extraction of carbon fibre dust which, if left to build up can short out computers and cause other digital device havoc. A polymer and sometimes known as graphite fibre, carbon fibre dust is particularly hazardous to electronics because the fibres are electrically conductive.

Our brief was to solve the issue; protecting their workforce in a cost effective way. It is always our foremost priority to ensure that any solution and/or system we propose is a solution to the issue for which it is proposed; it is most definitely the case a cheap system that doesn’t achieve the objective is in fact an expensive system.

Thanks to the fact that we have our own in-house manufacturing capability enabling us to manufacture extraction hoods and ductwork in accordance with our bespoke designs coupled with incorporating an Inteliair® dust filtration unit we were able to design a system that was not only able to extract dust from the workplace in accordance with HSE Guidance but also met the client’s budgetary requirements.

The key components to our success in delivering this project and many others is the fact that we have over 45-years’ experience, retain our own manufacturing capability, directly employ our own installation teams and have access to the Inteliair® range of extraction and control equipment.

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Dust Extraction
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