Carbon Dioxide Extraction for Multi National Brewery

Western Air Ducts were recently contacted by a multinational brewery looking for an extraction solution to some issues associated with Carbon Dioxide (CO²) accumulation within the vicinity of their canning operations. Our 45 years’ experience and track record of installing similar systems serving applications , we were confident we could help!

One of our consultant engineers conducted an initial site visit to survey the situation and proposed a solution which would incorporate low level extraction from the vicinity of the carbon dioxide (CO²) dispersal areas. The system would then extract via an externally situated extract fan before exhausting at above roof level to eliminate any risk of gas accumulation at the discharge point.

Due to the nature of the operation which meant that regular cleaning is required, we proposed stainless steel ductwork within the process area converting to galvanised mild steel ductwork once outside of the process area to keep the solution as cost efficient as possible.

Following commissioning by one of our BOHS P601 qualified commissioning engineers and pre and post CO² sampling within the affected area, the new system was proven to have reduced CO² levels by >90% resulting in a very happy customer.

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