Men’s Shed Covid Security in Frome

We were recently contacted by The Frome Men’s Shed as they needed help in minimising Covid 19 risk to their users while at work on the premises. The Shed undertake small woodworking, DIY and repair projects for other Community Groups, and local residents so this was an air quality project we were very keen to do.

With our wealth of design of workplace air quality solutions experience, we implemented an HEPA filtered extract and return air system within the working spaces. This generated a downward airflow in each space thereby extracting respirated air downwards and away from the breathing zone of inhabitants with HEPA filtered air replacing it.

This system minimises the risk of people within the space inhaling respiratory droplets which are removed by the HEPA filtration system and as such minimises the risk of respiratory transmission of Covid 19 between the potentially vulnerable occupants within this space.

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