Dust Extraction for GEA Pharmaceuticals

World leading pharmaceutical equipment company GEA Pharma Systems approached Western Air Ducts as they needed an innovative solution to capturing dust emissions within their polishing, welding and grinding departments.

Due to the fibres present in the extracted dust from the polishing department, we proposed using an Inteliair® dust filtration unit with cyclone pre-separator. This unit would provide the most efficient means of filtration as the unit could utilise the clients existing extraction hoods. Similarly, adding Inteliair® telescopic extraction arms efficient ‘at source’ extraction was provided within the workshop.

To serve the welding and grinding department we also proposed an Inteliair® dust filtration unit preceded by an inline spark arrestor designed to extinguish sparks within the extracted airflow. This system was coupled with the Inteliair® units standard flame retardant nanofiber filter media which offered a very high level of protection.

Energy use plays an increasing role in the decision making process of energy usage, whether this be for environmental or cost reasons o and for this reason GEA selected to incorporate Inteliair® intelligent automatic control systems within both of their new dust extraction systems. These control systems recognise extract demand (the number of positions actually in use) regulating the extraction performance in accordance with that demand thus reducing energy consumption, noise output and filter wear.

Western Air Ducts in collaboration with Inteliair® were able to offer exactly what was needed to solve GEA’s issues efficiently and effectively.

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Dust Extraction
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