Workplace Dust Extraction

An interesting aspect of designing dust and fume extraction solutions for businesses is the sheer diversity of businesses we get to visit. Whether it be a small cottage business with one or two woodworking machines or a multi-national defence contractor, a school DT Department or a Naval Base the range of processes generating contaminants that employee’s need to be protected from is seemingly infinite and it is the 45-years’ experience of designing, manufacturing and installing dust and fume extraction systems that enables us at Western Air Ducts to develop a solution whatever the requirement.

A installation project we undertook in September 2020 for a manufacturer of specialist lead products demonstrated, that, whilst the challenge can sometimes seem relatively straightforward, it’s our experience and manufacturing capability which enables us to manufacture a solution specific to each business.

In particular the radiused and tapered extract hood serving the Kettle ensures that extraction is localised without impacting the process and the hood material used (2mm mild steel) is designed to withstand ‘industrial’ usage. Coupled with the high efficiency pulse-jet filtration unit with secondary HEPA H13 Standard discharge filter there is no requirement to exhaust to atmosphere which with a sensitive industry such as this would have required a permit from the Local Authority that would have been difficult to obtain.

This is another example of how experience and in-house manufacturing capability enables us to provide our clients with efficient, innovative and seamless solutions to their workplace air quality challenges.

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Dust Extraction
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