Dust Extraction for IKEA

Through our strategic partnership with Space Engineering, we were approached by IKEA to create and implement an efficient dust extraction system for their wood working workshop at their Southampton location.

During their own research, IKEA discovered that their small wood working shop was being utilised more frequently by their resident carpenter. To ensure optimal levels of protection, they recognised the importance of installing a dust extraction system capable of removing potentially harmful airborne dust particles.

Despite the workshop’s compact size and single-operator occupancy, the system design had to be meticulously planned due to its positioning within the larger building layout. The goal was to guarantee unrestricted access and minimal space usage.

Considering the nature of the carpenter’s work, we determined that two flexible 3-meter arms would offer precise extraction exactly where needed within the workshop. However, due to space limitations, traditional floor or wall anchoring was not feasible. To address this challenge, we ingeniously anchored the arms using rigid stands suspended from the 20-foot-high concrete ceiling.

For this project, we opted for the Inteliair I20 shaker unit, a compact and efficient solution that delivers ample airflow. Equipped with a convenient self-cleaning mechanism and a waste collection bin on wheels for effortless disposal, this system proved ideal. To seamlessly integrate the unit into the building’s design, we installed an “IKEA blue” screen, effectively camouflaging the unit.

The entire installation process spanned three days, and the completed project received high praise from both Space Engineering and IKEA.

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Dust Extraction
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