Oxford University Chooses Inteliair®

When Oxford University established that their existing dust extraction system was not up to the task of adequately extracting the dust generated within their Civil Engineering Department they turned to Western Air Ducts.

By viewing the application and the source of the airborne dust our experienced design engineers were able to devise a solution which did not rely on operator involvement yet provided efficient dust extraction from close to the source area whilst minimising both energy usage and noise within the working area.

Through the implementation of an Inteliair® dust filtration unit coupled with an Inteliair® intelligent control system a source of extraction and control was provided. By designing and manufacturing bespoke extraction hoods designed to create an enclosure around the dust generating areas we were able to focus this extraction to the areas where the dust was being generated thus ensuring that the dust is being extracted from the areas that need it when they need it thereby protecting the Operator’s as well as others within the room from inhaling airborne dust.

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