Why is it important to remove welding fumes from a work environment?

The metal industry produces all sorts of contamination such as welding fumes, grinding dust and oil mist and typically, the smaller the welding particles, the more harmful they are to the human body.

It is essential that employers create a healthy and safe working condition by reducing these risks to employees’ health and this is done via a dedicated fume extraction system. The system is basically similar to an air filter that sucks in contaminated air within the working environment and then returns the clean air which passes through a filter. After the filtration, all the toxic and dust particles are then trapped within the filter.

Fume extraction filters come in three distinct stages of a filtration system. After hazardous substances get captured by the filter system, it enters the first filter stage, which is where large particles become trapped in the medium or fine dust particles using a pre-filter. The air then moves onto stage two filters, where much smaller particles become trapped in an EPA or HEPA particle filter. The final stage three filter is for gases, removing gases, odours, adhesive and solvent fumes. The result of a 3-stage tier system is that clean air is recirculated back into the workplace, free of any toxins or harmful particles.

Depending on the workplace and the type of application, you will need to select a fume extraction system to suit; not all applicants will require a 3-stage filtration system.

Efficient fume extraction systems will create a healthy workplace whilst keeping the workers safe from harmful substances in the air and our team of expert engineers are perfectly placed to help you choose the perfect fume extraction system for your working environment. We also offer ongoing support, COSHH LEV testing and maintenance to ensure each system is running correctly.

Western Air Ducts along with its product partner Inteliair offers the best and most comprehensive range of fume extraction units on the market.

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