Adhesive Fume Extract System

When a local light commercial vehicle conversion company approached us to help them improve their fume extraction system we knew that with over 40-years experience we could assist them.

Cotrim carry out conversions on light commercial vehicles for the construction, schools, healthcare, and emergency services markets. These conversions require various processes that generate fume emissions so they were ideally looking for a flexible solution that would cater for all these processes and trying to avoid costly single point extraction for individual processes.

Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd. came up with the solution of manufacturing a bespoke back draught extract hood suitable for mounting along the side of the existing adhesive work bench that could be connected to their existing ductwork system. In addition the company infrequently carries out small welding jobs, instead of installing a new system just for the infrequent occurrence we installed a 2-metre fully manoeuvrable extract arm and also connected this point into the existing ductwork system. By also installing a new extract fan capable of extracting a greater volume at a greater resistance we were able to combine the existing main ductwork system with these new extract hoods thereby maximising efficiency and minimising cost.

The capital investment in this process was kept to a minimum but still provided the required extraction rates to meet HSE Guidance which is all part of the service we offer by providing bespoke solutions to bespoke problems.

All of our new dust and fume extract systems are commissioned upon completion by our BOHS qualified P601/P602 LEV (local exhaust ventilation) engineers to ensure that from design, manufacture and installation Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd. systems adhere to HSE Regulations.

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