Intelligent Dust Extraction – Bath College

Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd. were pleased to be involved with the provision of two new dust extraction systems for the new 2665m² facility at the Somer Valley Campus that aims to become a centre of excellence for the construction industry.

Western Air Ducts teamed up with Midas Construction (principle contractor) and Intoheat (M&E contractor) to provide a dust extraction system for the new carpentry workshop and stone masonry workshop.

As this was a brand-new facility to help highlight Bath college and provide the best facilities possible for up to 500 students who will use the new facilities per year it was important they had a dust extraction provision that was both flexible and efficient.

Within the proposals from Western Air Ducts they included for their patented energy efficient damper control system Inteliair™. This system has pneumatically operated dampers fitted to each of the wood working machines within the carpentry workshop, and fourteen sections within the stone masonry workshop that has an extract point for each of the 42 individual work stations. The points are controlled by individual switching which either can be initialised manually or through a current sensing switch which in turn regulates the fan speed through a variable speed drive to manage the fan output depending on demand.

The result provides the college with a system that is very flexible and easy to manage based upon the number of students using the equipment at any given time. Noise output of the system is also reduced and the filter life increased in conjunction with the expected 40% energy saving over a standard on/off system that this system should provide the college.

The installation of this system was carried out by the Western Air Ducts team of highly experienced installation engineers and was commissioned by our in-house commissioning engineers that are qualified to BOHS P601 and P602 level.

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