Retrofit project for Honda

As part of the summer shut down period Honda wanted to re design and re utilise a dust filtration system on one of their foundries within the manufacturing plant in Swindon.

The scope of works meant that an existing Donaldson filtration unit needed to be repositioned within the 370-acre site in Swindon to collect waste dust from an existing foundry. To connect the foundry to the new dust collector specialist heavy duty ducting needed to be manufactured and installed.

As an existing supplier to Honda, Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd were brought in to design and install the new heavy-duty duct runs required for this project.

As a company, Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd employ specialist design engineers who with the help of the latest software programmes can design bespoke duct systems for almost all requirements. Once the designs had been approved by Honda, the manufacturing of these parts was carried out by our own team of in house engineers to an enacting standard, ready to be passed to the installation team that attended site to connect the whole system up.

Western Air Ducts (UK) Ltd have over 40yrs designing, manufacturing and installing dust and fume extraction systems, but due to the experience with designing and manufacturing we have the capability to work with clients exacting requirements to provide the option to work with existing systems to upgrade and retrofit where required.

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